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CICS was established in 2003 to provide independent directors and officers for conduit and co issuer entities. As a result of its quality service and its appeal to the price sensitive client, CICS has grown substantially and has expanded its services to include independent directors, managers, springing members, and managing trustees for all special purpose vehicles used in structured finance, real estate, equity, credit, and securitization transactions.

CICS expanded further in 2008 through its incorporation of CICS-Dissolutions, LLC which was established to purchase and liquidate dormant Delaware and Cayman Island entities from Morgan Stanley. Now this subsidiary dissolves, liquidates and strikes off companies for all institutions. In 2011, CICS was selected as the managing trustee for the Thatcher Proffitt and Wood Liquidating Trust and subsequently this area of service is being expanded as well.

Melissa Stark is the Principal of CICS. Ms. Stark and her supporting staff are capable of understanding the intricacies of today’s financial market products based upon extensive backgrounds in analytical finance, accounting, managerial, advisory, tax and legal expertise. As such, CICS provides quality and efficient service with one point of contact that is available 7 days a week to meet the needs required by all financial and legal institutions.

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CICS can provide multiple independent directors for each transaction.  Our directors have extensive experience in finance, real estate....Learn More

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Our Services

With the rapidly changing marketplace, CICS is frequently adapting it services to meet the needs of each client. With this, our core services include but are not limited to the following:

  • Providing Independent Directors, Managers, Officers, Special Members and escrow agents
  • Managing Bank Accounts, including wire transfers and accounting of cash flow
  • Providing Managing Trustees for liquidating and family trusts
  • Filing Annual Reports and Franchise Taxes
  • Preparing, Executing and Filing Federal and State Taxes
  • Purchasing Dormant Entities for Dissolution Purposes
  • Holding Company Capital stock and votes as directed by the requesting Party